paralleee-1050x526 copyThere is a sense that we in the West are living in two parallel worlds. By the West I mean people living in the United States, the United Kingdom and to a lesser degree, Europe in general.

Each world is not defined by location, nationality, ethnicity, gender or religion. Instead, each world is defined by a political ideology and it is an ideology that is forcing the two worlds further and further apart.

Until recently, there was a ‘middle ground’ that represented perhaps the majority of people. Those who occupied this space were the sensible, reasonable people. Those who were prepared to listen and respect the other’s point of view even if it differed from their own. The ‘middle ground’ could accept difference and diversity, could accommodate and compromise for the good of the whole.

But the ‘middle ground’ is gradually disappearing as the voices of the two parallel worlds drown it out. These voices are getting louder, more fanatical and often, angrier.

So, who inhabits these parallel worlds  and what is the ideology that is pulling them apart so forcefully?

One world is usually described as right wing and nationalistic. The other world is described as left wing and liberal. The population of one world would probably be supporters of Donald Trump in the United States, or a hard Brexit in the United Kingdom. The other world would be anti-Donald Trump in the United States or pro-Remain in the United Kingdom. Similar parallel worlds could be found in other European countries.

Each world experiences its own reality. It has its own narrative and it is a narrative that is not recognised by the other world. This is because each world is fed a different diet of information. Each world has its own newspapers, TV news channels, publicists, economists and above all, a mass following. Because neither world can recognise the reality of the other, any claim made by the other world is described as ‘fake’ news.

But two parallel worlds are an illusion. The reality is that we all have to share one world – one space. The challenge is, how do we do it?