Some recent reviews appearing on Amazon for The Ottoman Empire:

Excellent Big Picture Book:   Very well written with the book hitting all the key themes and forces. Everyone should read this book to understand the current wars/conflicts in Middle East. June 2017

An Informative Read:   Husband enjoyed reading this on our holiday to Turkey. August 2017

A Really Useful Book About a Complex and Obscure History: Concise, readable – a really useful book about a complex and obscure history. Puts the modern Balkans, Turkey and the Levant in context.  August 2017

Brief: As stated, it is “In Brief”. Not a book to read if you desire an in depth dive into the Ottoman Empire. If you know little about the subject and want a quick overview this is a great book. Very easy to read and put together nicely by the author. August 2017

Great Little Book:  Covers a time line from 1200 up to the end of WWI and is great brief history of the Ottoman Empire. September 2017

700 Years in a Few Pages: The book is an appetizer for deeper studying the history of that area. The links to today reality in a huge zone of the world are enlightening. September 2017

Great Read: This is a very interesting book. Explains how the world got where we are. Full of history we did not learn in school. September 2017