History Repeats Itself

In recent years we have seen history repeating itself at a rapid rate. Today we are witnessing perhaps the fourth attempt at regime change in as many years, all backed by the ‘West’. After Iraq, Libya and Syria we now have Ukraine. And we could add Egypt. In the process we are seeing a legitimate, though admittedly corrupt, Government replaced by instability and violence.

Even more worrying in the case of Ukraine is the ugly face of fascism reasserting itself as neo Nazi gangs take it upon themselves to take control of the streets of Kiev. The ‘West’ appears to be supporting the new Ukrainian Government, but it is not at all clear who, or what, this new Government is.  This is a repeat of the situation in Syria where the ‘West’, in its support for the opposition, runs the risk of backing the wrong side.

Taking the long view of history, the Black Sea, with its access to the Mediterranean has always been fought over by competing powers. From the ancient Greeks to President Putin the strategic importance of the Crimean peninsula has been prized. If Russia manages to annex the Crimea, which is quite probable, it won’t be the first time in history.