The Sanctions Fall and the Pendulum Swings

Slide1For over 30 years Iran has been living in exile from the rest of the world, a pariah state accused of promoting terrorism and building a nuclear bomb. It all started with the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and the subsequent hostage crisis when over 60 US diplomats and citizens were held hostage in the American Embassy in Tehran for 444 days.

Recent Reviews for ‘Paul of Tarsus: a First Century Radical’

Two recent reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon for Paul of Tarsus:  a First Century Radical

Info for Bible Study”

“Like this book. very easy to read, down to earth, everyday language. Full of background information as well as facts related to Paul’s life. Useful”


” Very brief but comprehensive in its own way. Gives an overview of the political, and cultural, world of the first century Roman empire and how St Paul fits in to the bigger picture.”

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