Lecture: The Legacy of Martin Luther


When Martin Luther, a German monk, priest and theologian pinned his Ninety-Five Theses on the door of Wittenberg Church in 1517, he little knew what he was unleashing.

The act eventually led to the Protestant Reformation, which would split the Western Church in two, lead to widespread social upheaval and eventually war. It also changed the face of central Europe forever.

Lecture: The Copts of Egypt

monastery copy

According to tradition, St Mark the Evangelist travelled to Egypt where he founded the Coptic Church in the First Century.

At this time the Church came under severe persecution from the Roman Empire and it is in this context that the first monasteries were founded in the deserts of Egypt.

This talk traces the history of the Coptic Church, monasticism and the life of the desert fathers, all brought to life with the aid of paintings, icons and frescoes.


History Repeats Itself

In recent years we have seen history repeating itself at a rapid rate. Today we are witnessing perhaps the fourth attempt at regime change in as many years, all backed by the ‘West’. After Iraq, Libya and Syria we now have Ukraine. And we could add Egypt. In the process we are seeing a legitimate, though admittedly corrupt, Government replaced by instability and violence.